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We are a distributor of iron pipes / distributors of galvanized pipes, with the best service and competitive prices and shipping services throughout Indonesia.

Not only steel pipes, seamless pipes, and black pipes, we also sell other iron such as fittings, valves, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, scaffolding equipment etc.

In particular, our company distributes the procurement of industrial needs, and the needs of building construction materials.

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PipaGalvanis.com is managed by MJMA

Pipagalvanis.com establishes partners with domestic steel pipe manufacturers and importers in Indonesia. The quality of products and services is prioritized both local and imported products. Can Meet the needs of Consumers, Industry and Construction.

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Pipa Galvanis Jakarta

Distributor Pipa Galvanis Jakarta MJMA sebagai distributor pipa galvanis di Jakarta terpecaya, terlengkap, dan jangkauan

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